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We’re Trevor and Simon, two good friends who love food. We love to think about it, talk about it, cook it, eat it, and, above all, share it. It’s an immense and special joy that comes from sharing food with friends and family – and we’re here to embrace that.  Put simply: food makes us happy.

What you’ll find here is a growing collection of our favourite tried and true recipes, new recipe discoveries, community recipe sharing, the exploration of cookbooks, food magazines and profiles of food experts and enthusiasts like you.

Of course, in the kitchen, as in life, sometimes things don’t go as planned. There will be flops and fails – and happy mistakes along the way. We’re not chefs nor do we have any kind of formal training in the culinary arts (yet). We’re neither professional photographers, nor food stylists, but what we do have, like you, is a love of food.  At Gluggable, you’ll find us being our authentic selves, in and out of the kitchen, sharing the food we love to make people happy.


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