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I grew up in both Ontario and British Columbia, Canada where I thankfully had access to any type of food imaginable. I was never afraid to make a mess in the kitchen (although these days I do try to clean as I go along) trying new recipes to varying degrees of success. As a kid, there were some real flops – soups made with salt and pepper (just salt and pepper) and bagels that looked and felt more like hockey pucks. As I grew up, the soups got a lot better and baking bread (including bagels) is a passion (I’m happy to give bread baking lessons to anyone who asks).  

For over twenty years, my work life has focused on bringing people together through live event experiences. From VIP hospitality programs at the Olympics to fundraising and corporate events of all shapes and sizes, my career, in part, has allowed me to experience and explore food from many different angles.

At home, food has always been a main character in my life. I am happiest when eating with my family and friends and over the years, as much time has been spent savouring lobster together as devouring Kraft Dinner. When travelling (let’s never take travelling for granted again) I usually search for cuisine recommended by the locals and, thanks to many weekend dim sum adventures in the city as a child, I have an adventurous palate (but one of my go to comfort foods will forever and always be instant noodles).

I believe that life is short so do (and eat) what you love. After all, with an open heart and mind you never know what adventure (food-related or otherwise) is around the corner.


My passion for food traces back to The Golden Girls – and watching the leading ladies come together over cheesecake, depicted as a panacea for any emotional crisis (this holds true in real-life as well). And as children will, I set about to recreate what I saw on TV and made (an approximation of) a cheesecake. What came out of the oven can only be described as an abomination.

Whether substituting cottage cheese for cream cheese in that first cheesecake recipe – or, years later, mistaking “juice of two lemons” in a sauce recipe to mean “the entire extracted contents of two whole lemons passed through a high-powered juicer,” my love of making – and sharing food was a journey of trial and error (emphasis on the latter).

Flops they may have been, those first cooking attempts at making and sharing food each had the same motivation: To make people happy. Today, I’ve banished the juicer to the countertop appliance graveyard (we all have that one cupboard, right?) – and embraced better practices for a smooth cheesecake, but that primary motive will forever hold.

Before devoting my work full-time to Gluggable, I held senior creative and marketing roles within some of Canada’s leading communications firms where clients included Unilever, Diageo, Arla Foods, Keurig, Dr. Pepper, and McCormick Distilling.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have written or co-created books celebrating some of Canada’s most beloved food groups: cheese and Caesars.

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