Years ago, while dining al fresco at God’s Mountain Estate in Penticton, British Columbia, this canape was served with some cold, crisp white Wild Goose Winery “Autumn Gold”. Upon arrival at the estate, overlooking the stunning Skaha Lake, the serving team cheerily passed around this two bite (or one for Trevor) taste of summer. Okanagan Valley is known for its peaches (along with other fruits like cherries, apricots, plums and pears) and the savoury addition of basil and the saltiness of the home cured prosciutto make it a winning combination. Whether you are serving this in British Columbia, Melbourne or Toronto, and no matter where your peaches are from, it’s pure and simple fresh summer tasting all the way. Close your eyes, enjoy each bite and be transported to the fruit orchard of your dreams. 

Serves 6 to 8 for appetizer portions

4 to 6 ripe peaches
24 to 36 basil leaves
12 to 18 prosciutto slices 

  1. Wash and dry peaches.
  2. Slices peaches into wedges (approximately 6 wedges per peach). 
  3. Slice each prosciutto slice in half, lengthwise. 
  4. Place one basil leaf lengthwise in the middle of each prosciutto wedge.
  5. With the basil in place, wrap the prosciutto around each peach wedge.
  6. Serve immediately. 

Recipe inspired by Joy Road Catering and adapted by Gluggable.